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Moshi Basics

Hey guys!

Another day, another airport another destination, but my traveling basics remain the same!

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London baby

It’s been a while since I came to London, I’ll be updating this post every day, for starters, here’s todays outfit and direct links to it!

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Hey guys! Just landed in Santorini and its just as I imagined it! Breathtaking! I have been obsessed with coming here for more than 8 years! I’m finally here.

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Athens Oh Athens! Honestly I had no expectations whatsoever for this place, and I’m completely in love!

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Pastels & Denim

Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter? Who cares! Pastels work on every season as long as you pair them up with the proper outerwear! Pregnant or not, this kind of dress is perfect!

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Bombers & Sunnies

We’re here at one of the best places to visit in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende.

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Spring Break

Spring break is here, and so are traveling options. Some feel the urge for warm weather and so decide to escape to a beach, others (like me) try to make the most of cold weather and so escape to the mountains where there is still some pretty good snow left.

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Disney 101

Sin título-1

Ok, by now you’ve probably figured out that my family is completely obsessed with Disney, and we all travel to Disneyland or DisneyWorld every year.

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