Spring Vacay Style

Hey guys! New month means new list! And I’m drooling over every single piece on this one!

I’m planning on hitting the beach and relaxing with my family so hopefully this list will let me do that in style!

1. Alexander Wang Denim Amelia Mules


2. Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress


3. Cult Gaia Circle Bag


4. Cult Gaia Ark Clutch


5. Frances Valentine Slides


6. Alix Shorts


7. Tabitha Simmons Sandals


8. Mercedes Salazar Lemon Earrings


9. RYE swimsuit


10. Caroline Constas Maria Dress


11. Style Keepers Spotlight set


12. Soludos Mimosa Slippers


13. Solid and Stripped Michelle Swimsuit


14. Solid and Stripped Nina Swimsuit


Hope you all enjoyed this list as much as I did!

Now back to work so I can afford a couple of these LOL




Hey guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday break!

I decided to share my top basics for this coming year! You guys know I’m all about basics!

Before we start, there’s a huge SALE going on for almost all the products here! Use code JOY25

If you miss this SALE, you can always save 15% on your first app purchase! Using code APP15

1. http://bit.ly/2zgTivf

Washed out High Waisted skinny jeans are a true basic!

2. http://bit.ly/2kHhUbT

Classic soft VNeck Tees are party of my daily uniform

3. http://bit.ly/2BALbjg

A pair of cute loafers is the way to go!

4. http://bit.ly/2DA6tLe

Dark jeans are a must too

5. http://bit.ly/2BDjJkA

I practically live on turtle necks all winter long

6. http://bit.ly/2DtIHAh

These aviators are so light and great for everyday wear! Basic stuff!

7. http://bit.ly/2Bq1vyQ

Black and white cool sneakers for every day errands.

8. http://bit.ly/2BTaQ3y

A nude bag will work for any look!

9. http://bit.ly/2kZzK9x

A cute crossbody is essential!

10. http://bit.ly/2DzxrT8

A boyfriend blazer is the perfect way to go!

11. http://bit.ly/2pyWSkN

Couldn’t leave a star bag out of this list! Although it’s not so basic, it will give you that cool touch on your every day outfit

Thanks for stopping by guys!



Holiday Gift Guide!

Hey guys! New list! This time, I decided to browse around for cute and simple gift options!

Here are the direct links to each product and guess what! They have a cool holiday sale: The sale starts November 21st and goes through November 26th. Use code (MORE17) yay!

1. http://goo.gl/q9FyT2 books

2. http://goo.gl/bb5nCd

3. http://goo.gl/hYKJcG

4. http://goo.gl/GYvpZA

5. http://goo.gl/LuyiZV

6. http://goo.gl/PiR7cF

7. http://goo.gl/QJ2kK1

8. http://goo.gl/uMGWkv

9. http://goo.gl/H2Pn9H

10. http://goo.gl/JzWCUU

11. http://goo.gl/tHS19o

12. http://goo.gl/Bn9aAf

13. http://goo.gl/ftW2Sg


Hope you guys find this list useful! If not, feel free to browse around this site for more ideas!

goo.gl/A7uSYi with sales up to 75% off!

Black and White Travel Guide

Hey guys! New month means new list! This time, I decided to pick my favorite essentials for traveling! (And they all just happen to be black or white) hope you guys find them useful on your next holiday! Oh, and almost everything you’ll see is available at shopbop! receive 15% off full price items on first Shopbop mobile app purchase using code: APP15 here’s the shopbop link so you can browse around and then download the app: goo.gl/m9ph9L

Andy’s list:

1. Cool luggage. This calpak set is one of my fave! So light and cute! http://goo.gl/Ghoa9H

2. Storage Bags. Yes, we take a zillion things with us when we travel! So why not make it pretty? This brand has a bag for almost everything on your luggage so browse around to find the bag for you! http://goo.gl/MMxZHC


3. Sailor retro cap. Hats and Caps are everything these days! So take one on your next trip in case yo have one of those “bad hair days”. http://m2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0524458002.html 

4. Comfy cute sneakers. Here are two cool sneakers for everyday traveling! Pair them up with absolutely everything on your next trip!



5. Basic Blazer. One of these solid blazers will make every look seem chic! http://goo.gl/1BySr7

6. Backpacks! Yes! All day every day while traveling! Here are 2 comfy and cute options 



7. Passport covers! Never leave home without!



8. Black and white scarf is always right


9. Leather-Bomber Jacket is a must on a holiday trip!


Hope all this is useful! Feel free to browse around the site for more outerwear, clothes and accessories! I personally love it! 



Top Boots and Booties

Hey guys! New list! Tell me what you think!

Also, here’s a little secret, if you’re planning on shopping at ShopBop, use Use code: EOTS17 to receive a 20% off full price items on orders under 500 dlls. or a 25% off on orders over 500 dlls. its a end of season sale! hurry while it lasts!

Here’s the direct link 

In no specific order, here are some of my fave boots and booties:


Yes stars all day every day!


2. White for winter? Yes please!


3. Be bold! Take a risk


4. Burgundy color and astrology, yes!


5. Stripes and blue forever!


6. Perfect color!


7. Stretchy high boots


8. Blue velvet beauty


9. Emroidered pieces all season long


10.  Not enough? Browse some more using this next link!


11. Still not enough? How about this beauties?





My top mules & slides

Hey guys! Here’s my new list! Since mules and slides are part of my daily uniform, I decided to post a selection of my favorites! Oh and one more thing: there’s a huge discount on select items at ShopBop. Sale Starts today! Just use code: TREAT20 

In no specific order, here’s my list:

1. http://goo.gl/GHESpS basic mules here! Perfect for every day wear! No more regular sneakers!

2. http://goo.gl/VoTWfq we’ve seen this print on shirts and pants throughout the season, but Oh I love it on this pair! 

3. http://goo.gl/YhmgEB wang has nailed it again! Comfy edgy stuff!

4. http://goo.gl/EHytrA stars and hearts? Yes please!

5. http://goo.gl/J8tdpo there’s something playful and chic about this pair!

6. http://goo.gl/BdjFsD still obsessed with this pair! Ferragamo perfection!

7. http://goo.gl/E7FYCE comfiest and coolest shoe I own..

8. http://goo.gl/tH6suz this velvet color tho!!

9. http://goo.gl/MCVFo3 pinot noir on your feet!

10. http://goo.gl/DSra5p barbie meets fashion! 

Extra: if you want browse around hundreds of mule slides, click here! Im sure you’ll find the perfect pair! http://goo.gl/qyGdj4

Thanks for stopping by! 



My Top 10 swimsuits!

Hey guys!

I’m back with my top picks! Hope you enjoy my selection of swimsuits! You can click on the links to buy!

1. http://goo.gl/yAgp8v

2. http://goo.gl/NaAQ7p

3. http://goo.gl/5XFDW1

4. http://goo.gl/BpRsPM

5. http://goo.gl/dJYBWG

6. http://goo.gl/2ffUbu

7. http://goo.gl/aiid9S

8. http://goo.gl/WYzSkN

9. http://goo.gl/wLCMzM top

10. http://goo.gl/Z9pzRq bottom

Hope you guys like them

Thanks for stopping by!



Andy’s Summer Basics

Hey guys! I’ll be posting my “top” everything this month. Starting off with “top summer basics” and I’m also working on my “top swimsuits” and “top sandals” so stay tuned! but one thing at a time, here are some of my personal summer basics each one has a direct link to shop! they’re all in a random order! All of them are number 1 on my list!


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Prepping for summer

Hey guys!

This bodysuit is the perfect piece for Summer! (It works as a bodysuit or as a swimsuit!) cool huh?

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