Disney 101

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Ok, by now you’ve probably figured out that my family is completely obsessed with Disney, and we all travel to Disneyland or DisneyWorld every year.

The funny thing is, that we’ve done this for so many years, including years when there where no kids in the family to use as an excuse to visit Disney.

This was a very crowded season (christmas and new year’s) but oh is it lovely! And if you plan ahead you will be fine. (My sister is the master disney planner so I’ve learned from her) The shows and parades change a bit during the holidays and the weather is very good!

One of my favorite months in Disney, is October! You get to see “Mickeys not so scary halloween party”, which is very cool, and some of the rides change a bit as well. Oh, and adults get to wear costumes only on this month! (Adults won’t be able to access the parks wearing a costume any other month of the year).

Fastpass!!!! A freakin must for every trip. Go online and get them a month before your trip! Yes, one month, otherwise you’ll end up with very lame fastpass tickets or even no fastpasses at all! Oh and if there is someone reading this with a small child or a baby, don’t hesitate to ask for your “parent swap” passes. Those will save a lot of lines and tantrums.


If you’re able to stay at one of the disneyworld resorts do it! Direct monorail is very convenient. If not, don’t worry there are plenty of other options!

If you have the opportunity to stay at a universal hotel, guess what? You’ll be able to access the park one hour before the crowds come in, and believe me, when we’re talking about an hour with very few people at the one and only Harry Potter world, you’ll be very very thankful! (Lines are usually 2-3 hours long).

I personally love the Loews resorts, I’m part of their “travel for real campaign” and I can tell you this, they are some of the finest hotels I’ve seen in the US. This one is called Portofino (it’s actually prettier than the real italian Portofino lol)


If you’re the sit in a restaurant kinda person, book ahead! Way ahead! Cause restaurants inside the parks are packed!!! Or else you’ll end up having a hotdog or turkey leg on the street (which is absolutely fine with me).


I got a lot of questions regarding my outfits, people asking If I’d bought them inside the parks, the answer is NO. Plan your outfits ahead, Amazon, H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Target, all of them have an enormous amount of Disney stuff and yes, it’s half the price of what you’ll find at the park.

That being said, I’ll be sharing my favorite moments and a few comments along the way for each park.


This is the park with the huge ball and all the pavilions, where you won’t find rides. But You will find a lot of stores and food from every country in the world. So, relax, take a walk (a long one) and enjoy a beer in Germany, a croissant in France or some quesadillas in Mexico.

Magic Kingdom

My favorite, the one with all the memories and the place where magical moments happen. (And also the heaviest crowd ever lol) make sure to visit the New Fantasy Land and catch the parades and fireworks show (which is to die for).


Universal Studios

You won’t find any Mickey related stuff here. But you will find a ton of Marvel rides, superheroes and yes, Harry Potter World (which is incredible). If you’re into heavy roller coasters, ride the Rock It. You won’t feel your neck for a few days tho.

Hollywood studios

Starwars and ToyStory are a huge deal over here. Make sure you get a fastpass for RockAndRoller Coaster (starring aerosmith) and the Tower of Terror, and catch the Fantasmic show at night.

Hope you find this useful or at least woth viewing, see u next year disney! ❤️



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