Monthly Archives: February 2017


Cute leggings are a must! Either at the gym or running errands, they’ve become part of my daily looks!
Here’s a cute affordable design, black or gray? And I’m also including a pair of Lululemon leggings which have also become part of my daily errands looks!

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Velvet madness 

This season has been all about velvet!Here’s my top velvet dress!

I personally loved the color!

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Quote Tee’s

Hey guys! Quote Tshirts have always been an easy way out, and a fun way out too!Pair them up with cute denims or even skirts! Wear a cute jacket on top to complete the look.

Here’s a link to browse around a lot of cute affordable Tee’s and Tops. The ones with Movie quotes on them are my favorite! Hope you find one!

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Sweater picks

Hey guys!

It’s still sweater weather over here! Here’s my weekly pick, lavender sweater with a cutout neck and zippers on the sides and a cute grey option with ruffles!

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