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Festival Season

Hey guys!

Festival season is here and although I’m not allowed to travel cause I’m almost due, I’ve whipped up a personal favorite list for those who are looking for a cute and cool piece!

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First of all, I found some cute outfit options from head to toe that I wanted to share, and after this link, I’ll post some of my favorite individual pieces for concerts, festivals, or summer!

Festival Looks

Cropped Jacket

Here’s a piece you can use on this type of events or all year round! Basic!

Floral Combat Boots

Combat boots are perfect for music festivals! Don’t have to worry about dirt on your feet! Besides, this option is really cute! Pair them up with shorts or dresses!

Golden Goose Sneakers

Ok, if boots are not your thing, check out this option! Golden Goose Sneakers are the way to go too!

Bandana Scarf

Accessories are everything at events like these, so make sure you have a cute scarf or statement piece.

Denim Shorts

Ok, this denim link on top has hundreds of shorts for every body type!

I’ll post a couple of my fave below anyways:

Double Back Shorts

Ok, these are the coolest shorts ever!

Daisy Shorts

These are very cute too!

Plastic Corset

How cool is this piece! Very unique!

Tibi belt

Oh! make sure you take a belt! Here’s a colorful and cute option

Belts (here’s a very very cool selection of belts, in case you’re not into colorful ones like the previous yellow one)

Hope you guys have a wonderful festival season, I’ll be browsing around social media to see all the action while I fix up the nursery and newborn stuff lol.

Thanks for stopping by!