Black and White Travel Guide

Hey guys! New month means new list! This time, I decided to pick my favorite essentials for traveling! (And they all just happen to be black or white) hope you guys find them useful on your next holiday! Oh, and almost everything you’ll see is available at shopbop! receive 15% off full price items on first Shopbop mobile app purchase using code: APP15 here’s the shopbop link so you can browse around and then download the app:

Andy’s list:

1. Cool luggage. This calpak set is one of my fave! So light and cute!

2. Storage Bags. Yes, we take a zillion things with us when we travel! So why not make it pretty? This brand has a bag for almost everything on your luggage so browse around to find the bag for you!

3. Sailor retro cap. Hats and Caps are everything these days! So take one on your next trip in case yo have one of those “bad hair days”. 

4. Comfy cute sneakers. Here are two cool sneakers for everyday traveling! Pair them up with absolutely everything on your next trip!

5. Basic Blazer. One of these solid blazers will make every look seem chic!

6. Backpacks! Yes! All day every day while traveling! Here are 2 comfy and cute options

7. Passport covers! Never leave home without!

8. Black and white scarf is always right

9. Leather-Bomber Jacket is a must on a holiday trip!

Hope all this is useful! Feel free to browse around the site for more outerwear, clothes and accessories! I personally love it! 



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