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Siem Reap, Cambodia

I left my heart there. Seriously tho, one of the most magical places I’ve been to, and no, it’s not a fancy, wealthy, nice place, it’s just… Magical! It has some sort of special charm that makes you fall in love with every corner of it.I love the fact that traditions and culture are kept intact, you know, you won’t be bumping into Starbucks, McDonalds or any shopping mall for that matter.

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Ok I’m gonna be brutally honest with my opinion about Bangkok, cause what’s the point on having a personal blog if you’re not gonna write exactly what you think right?
Dirtiest place I’ve been for a while, enormous amount of sick people on the streets, severe poverty everywhere, no sanitary regulations, extreme dense population, horrible traffic, are among the things that come to mind when I think of Bangkok.
Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate traveling and getting to know different cultures but I don’t know, I kept waiting for something to wow me and that kinda never happened.

The Grand Palace, yes, never seen something like it, gold everywhere, but imagine 10,000 tourists taking a selfie at the same time and it also seemed a bit too Disney-ish for me, like completely restored to wow tourists. Not really fun either seeing such luxurious palace and then seeing people dying a few steps outside.


The King

Ok, pretty disturbing for me that people here, WORSHIP the king and are obsessed with him, they literally set up altars everywhere and pray to him as if he was some sort of god, they even call him papa-dad. I guess what bothers me is that it doesn’t seem as if the king has done a lot for this place in the last 80 years in order for it’s people to worship him like they do (and yes, he is one of the wealthiest single royal person in the world)

Floating Market

I had seen a million photos and was really excited to visit, it’s an hour and a half ride to get there, once you arrive you pay to get in a boat so you can float around the market, that is if you are able to move! There are so many tourists and boats that you mainly stay in one spot until the boats are able to make their way through.


Have yourself some traditional thai food and a wonderful massage cause that about sums up what I did like about this place. I had an amazing massage at the Banyan Tree Hotel where we stayed at, but even so the hotel is not as good as other Banyan hotels. Nahm and Vertigo Restaurants are OK places to dine.

 Don’t wanna seem rude or anything, if you’re ever in Thailand, I guess there are a lot of other places that would be better to visit, like beaches and mountains! This just did nothing for me.

Excess Baggage 

How many luggage pieces do you travel with? How much money do you spend on excess baggage? (Frequently asked questions on my instagram and FB lol) well guess what, I’ve never payed for excess baggage in my life! And I only travel with one bag and my carry on.Here’s the deal, over a year ago, I bumped into these lovely Tummi travel pieces and instantly fell in love with them, you know, the sales person was really kind and it felt like the right thing to buy at the moment. I spent over $2,000 usd on the set and guess what? Terrible decision! First trip I made with them, first time I had trouble with excess weight. Yes, they have a lot of space! But that’s not a good idea when it comes to weight, and even so, the luggage itself is quite heavy!

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Although it was a very quick stop for us, I came into very cool information that I was completely unaware of. For instance, this is a very young nation, it’s only 50 independent years old! But believe me, they’re doing something right for sure, this place is impecable! And considering the cultural diversity (4 different languages, 4 different ethnicities) they live quite harmoniously among each other.
Views. Ofcourse, there’s the Marina Bay Sands with the most amazing skybar ever! If you’re afraid of heights don’t even bother! Instead stay at the coolest shopping center there or try your luck at the casino.

China Town is really cute, and any food joint there is super tasty and not at all pricy.  There are several budist temples there so that can be interesting too.

The Botanical Gardens are worth the ride, and they go all out on Christmas season in case you happen to be there.

 Orchard Road, Quarry Bay and Marina Bay are among the coolest places.

The weather is quite sticky and hot ALL year round, there’s no winter here! So consider that when you plan your trip.


Bohemian Jungle is what I would call this place. Bali has this amazing charm that makes you wanna quit your job and stay here. Really old-school beliefs and ways of living. Big believers of karma and good faith. This is probably the most spiritual place I’ve been in my life.

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