Monthly Archives: June 2016

Summer Tees

Hey guys! How’s Summer treating y’all?

For me, it’s been flaming hot! And I mean flaming! So, I’ve been literally living in my t shirts and crop tops to stay as fresh as possible!

But first things first, here are several fresh tshirt options (and links) that you can pair up with skirts, shorts or whatever keeps you going on on hot summers around the world! And yes, they are around 5 bucks a piece! After all, they’re only tshirts!

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As fresh as they come

When it comes to Summer, fresh is the way to go! You know, fresh fabrics, fresh cuts, fresh everything. And if you find a comfy fresh dress like this one, you’re all set babes! Perfect for every body type, (yes, even for pregnant ladies out there).

Here are a couple of photos with one of my favorite summer looks and a couple of  other fresh looks I found.

If you’re interested on my dress, the brand’s name is PrismaLab and you can find it on instagram if you’d like to browse around for some more.

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Off-shoulder dress

Hey guys! First things first, here’s the link to this dress:
And yes, same ridiculously low prices as the previous ones.

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