I’m gonna be a little short on this one, cause there’s basically one word that pretty much describes the whole thing, PARADISE. Photos will explain this a lot better than words. Anyways here are some shorts ideas about this place.

The Resort

Every resort has it’s own island, yes, that is what makes the Maldives unique. The entire staff lives on the small resort island! So that being said, pick a good one! Cause there’s no leaving the island for drinks or dinner hahaha you have to stick to what you have!

We decided to stay at the Anantara Kihava Resort, since we read it’s voted one of the best and most private. Ofcourse, any other resort here has the same amazing views and awesome beaches, so don’t worry you will have a blast regardless of where you stay!



Incredible treatments! Have yourself a local warm stone massage!


The food

Sorry to say this, but the restaurants at the resorts are overrated and overpriced (probably cause they know you don’t have any other option since you can’t leave the island) so I guess the best option is to order room service on your villa and enjoy the view!


The experience

Rest, snorkel, scuba, swim, run, walk, eat, ENJOY yourself. There is no touristy activities or temples or shops here, just enjoy!



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