Athens Oh Athens! Honestly I had no expectations whatsoever for this place, and I’m completely in love!

First off, hotel wise, we scored a major deal at one of the best hotels in Greece, Hotel Grande Bretagne. It’s simply amazing! Elegant, regal, cozy, breathtaking, probably one of the cutest hotels I’ve stayed in Europe. Try the awesome brunch or dinner at the rooftop!

Downtown Plaka must be the loveliest place ever! A zillion greek restaurant spots, shops and entertainment. Beautiful streets, allies and corridors filled with color, art and culture.

The acropolis? Majestic! Just make sure to visit it near closing time, around 6pm! Golden hour for photos and sightseeing!

Here’s the link to one of my looks: it can be worn as a maternity dress or a normal dress!

Light nude Pink dress:

Food wise? Epic! You can’t go wrong with traditional greek and Mediterranean food! If you’re looking for fine dining and astonishing views, you must visit Dyonisos! Amazing place.

Hope you guys have a chance to visit!

Greetings from Greece


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