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TShirt Dress

There’s something about TShirt dresses that has me hooked! I guess it’s the fact that you don’t have to wear any pants hahah (and as you might know, I’ve never been a pants person)

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Pandas & Flowers

Hey babes!

First things first, here’s the link to this cute dress:
Here’s a fresh dress option for the beach or for the city! It has awesome and unique prints all over, it has bows on the shoulders and it’s fresh!

I got a Medium and it fits really good.

Here’s a few pics from today (excuse the heavy winds)

Hope you enjoy them!

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Cutest Summer Dress

Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping buy,

First things first: here’s the link to this rainbow lapel dress.
It’s the comfiest and cutest thing ever! And it’s only $25 bucks today!

It’s great for pregnant ladies like myself but it is not a maternity dress, so don’t expect to fit a huge bump inside it hahah.

I got a zillion compliments on the street today, I guess it’s just a “feel good” “happy” “cute” kinda dress.

I ordered a size Large since my belly is growing every single minute, it actually comes a little short on the back, so if you’re tall, get a Large like I did!

Here’s a few Austin shots of the dress

Hope you enjoy them!

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