London baby

It’s been a while since I came to London, I’ll be updating this post every day, for starters, here’s todays outfit and direct links to it!

Brunch at the Ivy Chelsea Garden was fabulous ofcourse!

Shopping in covent garden was actually pretty good

Ofcourse nightly visit to London Eye and Big Ben were mandatory.

Today’s look:
Hyde park morning walk, then Did some vintage shopping on Portobello Market and brunch at Roul’s Notting Hill

Dinner was crazy cool at London Sketch Gallery room! To die for! Restrooms are a piece of art!

Heres the pink bomber jacket I wore:

Last day was crazy shopping day. But we managed to have a late yummy lunch at Berners Tavern, at the London Edition Hotel, the place is awesome! Although I highly recommend going for brunch instead of lunch, the menu and vibe changes a lot!

London was awesome as usual, promise I wont take another 8 years to come back!

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