Excess Baggage 

How many luggage pieces do you travel with? How much money do you spend on excess baggage? (Frequently asked questions on my instagram and FB lol) well guess what, I’ve never payed for excess baggage in my life! And I only travel with one bag and my carry on.Here’s the deal, over a year ago, I bumped into these lovely Tummi travel pieces and instantly fell in love with them, you know, the sales person was really kind and it felt like the right thing to buy at the moment. I spent over $2,000 usd on the set and guess what? Terrible decision! First trip I made with them, first time I had trouble with excess weight. Yes, they have a lot of space! But that’s not a good idea when it comes to weight, and even so, the luggage itself is quite heavy!

So my main tip, buy feather light luggage! My two top picks: BG Travel luggage for the colorful type and Samsonite Feather Light luggage for the more conservative type



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