Although it was a very quick stop for us, I came into very cool information that I was completely unaware of. For instance, this is a very young nation, it’s only 50 independent years old! But believe me, they’re doing something right for sure, this place is impecable! And considering the cultural diversity (4 different languages, 4 different ethnicities) they live quite harmoniously among each other.
Views. Ofcourse, there’s the Marina Bay Sands with the most amazing skybar ever! If you’re afraid of heights don’t even bother! Instead stay at the coolest shopping center there or try your luck at the casino.

China Town is really cute, and any food joint there is super tasty and not at all pricy.  There are several budist temples there so that can be interesting too.

The Botanical Gardens are worth the ride, and they go all out on Christmas season in case you happen to be there.

 Orchard Road, Quarry Bay and Marina Bay are among the coolest places.

The weather is quite sticky and hot ALL year round, there’s no winter here! So consider that when you plan your trip.

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