Chiang Rai 

Honestly, I didn’t even know this place existed! You know, you hear a lot about other places in Thailand, but rarely had I heard of Chiang Rai. I have to admit that I was a little skeptic about our decision to come here, but oh boy was I glad we did!
The Hotel

Impeccable, cozy, amazing, spectacular. We stayed at the “Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp Spa & Resort”. Such an awesome experience! You have absolutely everything you need inside the hotel, I suggest you only leave this place in order to visit the Golden Triangle, White Temple and Long Neck Tribe (which are all amazing experiences, but if you would have to choose between the hotel and those activities, choose the hotel! (The elephants and activities there are enough for an entire trip!)


The Spa

I’ve had several bad experiences with thai massages so I was a little nervous on choosing a traditional thai experience over a well known Swedish or relaxing technique, but I guess it was just bad luck for me in the past, cause I loved this Thai therapy! (Thai is different from your usual spa massage, it does not involve oil and includes stretching and pressure points)

Golden Triangle

3 places at the same time. Laos, Myanmar and Chiang Rai. So unless you’re into geography stuff, it’s just an ok thing to do.

The Opium Museum

Wasn’t expecting what I saw. The king’s mother created this space because of all the crazy and horrible opium wars in the past. It’s almost as if you where on a Disney ride, except you’re learning about the history of opium, so that was kinda cool.

The Long Neck Tribe

A group of immigrants, women and children, who seek refuge, the legend says that the animals in the mountains attacked the villagers, hence the “collars” they use on their neck to protect themselves from getting bitten on the neck, I personally think it’s just tradition and fashion, they feel so beautiful wearing those things, they do! It shows.


The White Temple

A contemporary and modern temple, and when I say modern, I mean modern lol (it has star wars and harry potter figures inside) extremely untraditional.


The Food

Dinner by the fireplace or a picnic are the way to go! Forget about Micheline Star Dining here and enjoy the atmosphere.


The elephant camp

The main attraction of course. These elephants are very docile and friendly. They are very spoiled as well, they treat them like royals which was good to see. You can either choose to have dinner while you watch them do their thing or you con ride one of them through the entire resort. About a 1 hour ride. I was a little nervous at first, you know, tall, huge animals, jungle, rivers etc. But it all turned out perfectly ok. (The hotel staff provides all the info and clothing in case you ever go there)


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