Bohemian Jungle is what I would call this place. Bali has this amazing charm that makes you wanna quit your job and stay here. Really old-school beliefs and ways of living. Big believers of karma and good faith. This is probably the most spiritual place I’ve been in my life.


We stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, you can imagine the exquisite taste in decor and service. The most amazing views and people.

Sukling Pig and Chicken are among the popular dishes here, so make sure you try some. We visited the most amazing restaurant ever, it’s called Mozaic and it’s in the “50 best world restaurants” list. A variety of local ingredients which are shown to you on every course, makes it easier for you to understand what you’re eating. Ambience is amazing and cozy. Try the 8 course meal, it’s to die for!
Temples are a very serious thing over here, you will find thousands (literally) of them on every corner. Tanahlot temple is probably worth the ride, it’s on the ocean so it’s quite different from the rest. Monkey temples? Do it! They nurture the cutest monkeys ever! Take care of your sunglasses and jewelry tho, they seem to like cool stuff. Also, while you’re here, look for a local dance performance, it’s amazing!

Make sure you get a glimpse at rice fields, they are quiet the scenery! Also, if you’re a coffee lover, you’ll find a lot of coffee plantations ready to hit your taste buds!

Style and fashion? Seriously forget about that in this place, believe me, its so hot and humid that you will want to wear the lightest fabric and outfit you can find.

Massage and spas? Yes please! Try a Balineese massage, the whole thing is fabulous!

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