My top mules & slides

Hey guys! Here’s my new list! Since mules and slides are part of my daily uniform, I decided to post a selection of my favorites! Oh and one more thing: there’s a huge discount on select items at ShopBop. Sale Starts today! Just use code: TREAT20 

In no specific order, here’s my list:

1. basic mules here! Perfect for every day wear! No more regular sneakers!

2. we’ve seen this print on shirts and pants throughout the season, but Oh I love it on this pair! 

3. wang has nailed it again! Comfy edgy stuff!

4. stars and hearts? Yes please!

5. there’s something playful and chic about this pair!

6. still obsessed with this pair! Ferragamo perfection!

7. comfiest and coolest shoe I own..

8. this velvet color tho!!

9. pinot noir on your feet!

10. barbie meets fashion! 

Extra: if you want browse around hundreds of mule slides, click here! Im sure you’ll find the perfect pair!

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My Top 10 swimsuits!

Hey guys!

I’m back with my top picks! Hope you enjoy my selection of swimsuits! You can click on the links to buy!









9. top

10. bottom

Hope you guys like them

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Andy’s Summer Basics

Hey guys! I’ll be posting my “top” everything this month. Starting off with “top summer basics” and I’m also working on my “top swimsuits” and “top sandals” so stay tuned! but one thing at a time, here are some of my personal summer basics each one has a direct link to shop! they’re all in a random order! All of them are number 1 on my list!


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Prepping for summer

Hey guys!

This bodysuit is the perfect piece for Summer! (It works as a bodysuit or as a swimsuit!) cool huh?

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Moshi Basics

Hey guys!

Another day, another airport another destination, but my traveling basics remain the same!

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ACDC & denims

Hey guys!

Nothing new, just my basic daily uniform with a touch of rock Lol

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Still obsessing over patches! This time this patched dress blew my mind!

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Denims and Tees

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on where to find affordable skinny ripped jeans, so, here’s a nice option, they’re soft and have a good feel. (I got a size large and felt they were just a bit loose on my waist, but nothing that a cute belt won’t fix) so consider that when ordering.
I styled the denims with a very cute band shirt (yes I’m obsessed with the color) so here’s the link as well!

Heart Tee

You guys know I practically live in comfy T-shirts, jeans, mule slides and a pair of cool sunglasses. So here are the links, in case someone’s interested!

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Bug slides

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by!

True, I’m obsessed with mule slides this summer! So, here’s a cute and affordable option!

They are extremely comfy and true-to-size!