Andy’s Summer Basics

Hey guys! I’ll be posting my “top” everything this month. Starting off with “top summer basics” and I’m also working on my “top swimsuits” and “top sandals” so stay tuned! but one thing at a time, here are some of my personal summer basics each one has a direct link to shop! they’re all in a random order! All of them are number 1 on my list!


1. If you’re embarrassingly pale this summer, try this one! You’ll thank me later:

2. Cute bag alert! Anything with pretty rainbows is a big yes for me!

3. Flap Top straw hats are the way to go this Summer! No more huge fedoras please lol!

4. Beach bags, summer bags, poolside bags, whatever, find one and get one lol!

5. Stars and sandals, All day everyday!

6. A cute pair of flare jeans is a must! Add a couple of hearts to them and you are all set!

7. Simple and cute astrology pieces! Perfect for this season.

8. Cool sunnies. The bigger and brighter, the better!

9. A pair of basic white sneakers is the way to go! Also, dresses look fab with a pair of these.

10. The perfect pair of espadrilles. Nough said!

11. My favorite tanner this month! Won’t rub off and won’t fade!

12. Pineapples everywhere, including this colombian cutie.

13. Perfect white shorts for hot days!

14. Cute and classy Channel earrings! Yes!

15. Everything on this next link is awesome, I need to get my hands on a couple of things!

Hope you guys like my “top basics” if you did, let me know your favorite on the comments or on my instagram photo!

Thanks for stopping by!



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