My top mules & slides

Hey guys! Here’s my new list! Since mules and slides are part of my daily uniform, I decided to post a selection of my favorites! Oh and one more thing: there’s a huge discount on select items at ShopBop. Sale Starts today! Just use code: TREAT20 

In no specific order, here’s my list:

1. basic mules here! Perfect for every day wear! No more regular sneakers!

2. we’ve seen this print on shirts and pants throughout the season, but Oh I love it on this pair! 

3. wang has nailed it again! Comfy edgy stuff!

4. stars and hearts? Yes please!

5. there’s something playful and chic about this pair!

6. still obsessed with this pair! Ferragamo perfection!

7. comfiest and coolest shoe I own..

8. this velvet color tho!!

9. pinot noir on your feet!

10. barbie meets fashion! 

Extra: if you want browse around hundreds of mule slides, click here! Im sure you’ll find the perfect pair!

Thanks for stopping by! 



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