Strappy Bralettes and Shirts

First things first, here are both of the promised links to get the look:
1. air balloon shirt:
2.Strappy Bralette:

Each piece under $15 dlls! How freakin awesome is that?!

Ok, let’s face it, strappy bralettes have taken the fashion world by storm! Wether you wear it with a button sweet shirt like I did, or with a plain old white Tee like I showed you a month ago, strappy Bralettes are the way to go! (Besides, they are way more comfy than a regular bra)

They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, 2 straps, 3 straps, 4 straps.. You get the picture. This is a basic 2 strap that you can show off as much or as little as you want! I got a Medium size, but I should have asked for a smaller size (since I don’t have a lot going on on the boob department) anyways I figured it will work great by the end of my pregnancy, you know, when things get bigger hahah.

So here are some more inspo photos you can browse around, let me know if you guys need any more info on the links! And stay tuned for an off-the- shoulder look that will look amazing on any body type!

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