SkinCare for the Bump

Ok guys, here’s a personal recap of some products I’ve bumped into during my first 10 weeks. I’ve tried, smelled and rubbed every single one so I could write about them.

The thing is, there are a zillion products out there to help out with your skin during the long nine months. So, I guess the first question is, are you used to a lot of lotion and moisturizers? Is your skin usually oily or very dry?

If you have really dry skin and are used to rubbing moisturizers all day every day, then you will probably need something really strong when you get pregnant, cause your skin will be so used to so many lotion products that the normal ones won’t be enough!

For those cases, I’ve personally tried a few, which literally remind me of thick butter or lard. Gross I know, but for some of you this will be the only way out, some examples Will be mentioned at the end of this post

There’s a cool mommy mousse I found that will be great for the last months, it’s thick but not too heavy and combined with their signature scrub I think will work awesome. (Oh the bump is not mine lol)

I rarely applied lotion before pregnancy, so for normal skin like mine, I suggest starting your pregnancy with really mild light stuff, that way you can change products when your bump is really stretching. For the first 3 months, a normal wet skin moisturizer is more than enough! My personal favorite:

Starting month 4, you can switch it up for something a little more heavy, not too much, cause by month 7 then you won’t have anything to switch it up to! One of my fave:

Starting month 6 you will probably have to switch to the heavy stuff, even if the smell and texture is not so awesome. Here are some of those products that will help you when you feel your skin is about to crack.

So bottom line, try at least 3 different products during pregnancy, I guess the smart way to go is to start with light stuff and save the big guns for last! Hope to see you guys on my next fashion post in a few days.

2 thoughts on “SkinCare for the Bump

  1. Lorenia Navarro says:

    I also used luciara is similar to mustela, you can also use coconut oil, i have twins and my belly was huge!

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