TShirt Dress

There’s something about TShirt dresses that has me hooked! I guess it’s the fact that you don’t have to wear any pants hahah (and as you might know, I’ve never been a pants person)

Whether it’s a plain or a quote tshirt dress it works wonderful for a day to day basis. Of course, I’m supposed to warn you not to use it on any formal event, but I guess that’s up to you!
Here’s the link to a plain soft stripped Tshirt dress that I used as a coverup on the beach today, but there are plenty of more where that came from! So here’s a small collection of cool Tshirt dresses I found on the same site!

Oh, did I mention they are so comfy for pregnant ladies like myself? Well they are! I’ve been living on them hahah

Thanks for stopping by guys!


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