Summer Tees

Hey guys! How’s Summer treating y’all?

For me, it’s been flaming hot! And I mean flaming! So, I’ve been literally living in my t shirts and crop tops to stay as fresh as possible!

But first things first, here are several fresh tshirt options (and links) that you can pair up with skirts, shorts or whatever keeps you going on on hot summers around the world! And yes, they are around 5 bucks a piece! After all, they’re only tshirts!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you find some fresh Tees and crops to keep you guys fresh and cool for the summer!


4 thoughts on “Summer Tees

  1. Jimena says:


    Me metí a su página y tienen cosas superficie padres y a super buen precio, solo quería preguntarte como esta la calidad?? Ya me ha pasado que he comprado an tiendas tipo asi y me emociono mil y llegan y nada que ver, ni los puedo usar.

    Thank you!!


  2. Mariana says:

    Me encanto tu post ❤ Te queria preguntar, como cuanto tiempo tarda en llegar lo que pides? De antemano, gracias.


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